Chapter 1 artwork

Chapter 1 artwork.

"Everyone is doing their regular chores, fighting their regular villians. That is about to change."

Chapter LockboxEdit

Futuristic Lockbox

Mission 1: AntarcticaEdit

"Mr. Freeze and the penguin is in gotham, planing to start a new ice age."

Mission 1.1.1 icon

Mission 1 icon.

  • Battles: Low Threat x2
    • Penguin Bot (Generalist)
    • Penguin Bot (Generalist)

1 battle= 50% progress

Boss: Mr. Freeze (Generalist) and Penguin (Generalist)

Team Up: Nightwing

Dialouge Edit

Mission Start:

Batman: This is were Nightwing's signal came from. Let's check the enviroment.

Boss Revealed:

Batman: There he is! With the penguin and Mr. Freeze. Well... 2 on 1 its not fair.

Inside the boss fight:

Penguin: Hello Batman!

Mr.freeze: Stay out of this, Batman!

Penguin: Let him have his fun. We can take him on. The machine have started anyway.

Batman: What machine?

Nightwing: Would You shut up and help me?!

After boss fight:


Batman: What did that machine do anyway?

Nightwing: IT was basically a giant cooler. They were planing on freezing half the city.

Police Officer: Good You stopped them then. As always, Thank You Batman. Thank You Nightwing. And Thank You Hero.


Mr.freeze: Good. Gotham will be ours.

Chance to win Ice Umbrella.

Mission 2: Slow MotionEdit

Mission 1.1.2 icon

Mission 2 icon

"The Flash are noticing disturbance in the speed force. He do not know What it is, but he knows he needs help."

  • Battles: Low Threat x2
    • Thug (Generalist)
    • Thug (Generalist)
    • Thug (Generalist)

1 battle=30% progress

Medium Threat x1

    • Rifle Thug (Blaster)
    • Rifle Thug (Blaster)

Team up: Bat Man

1 battle=60% progress

Deploy: Nightwing

Duration: 1 battle

Reason: Some penguin bots is still left from our Clash with the penguin. Send Nightwing to scrap them up.

Boss: Turtle Man (Infiltrator)

Team up: The Flash


Mission Start:

Flash: glad You cold make it Bruce.

Bat man: Enough chatting Flash, what's going on here?

Flash: I don't know exactly, but there is something wrong with the speed force in This part of town.

Bat man: OK then. Let us get started.

Classes Tutorial:

Bat man: Time to learn about classes.

(Bat man Explains classes)


Nightwing: I got it.


Turtle man: Flash.

The Flash: Turtle man. I should have known.

Turtle man: Chill out Flash. Take it slow.

The Flash: For me, This is slow.

After Boss fight:


The Flash: That's odd.

Nightwing: What's odd?

The Flash: there is still a speed force disturbance around.

Bat man: We will figure it out later. Right now, we got a call from Wonder Woman, she is in trouble.


Too slow for You, Flash?

Chance to win Enslower

Mission 3: Wild OneEdit

Boss: Cheetah (Infiltrator)

Team Up: Wonder Woman

Mission 4: Edit

Boss: Charybdis (Bruiser)

Team Up: Aquaman

Mission 5: Edit

Boss: Hector Hammond (Blaster)

Team Up: Green Lantern

Mission 6: Edit

Boss: Lex Luthor(Tactician)

Team Up: Superman

Epic Boss: Brainiac

Team up: Batman Beyond