Cheetah with Spots Villain

Doctor Barbara Minerva was curator for the Black Room at A.R.G.U.S. and one of Wonder Woman's first friends in Man's World. Raised by her Amazon Cultist Aunt, she had misconceptions about Amazons and came into conflict with Wonder Woman, eventually using the Godslayer Knife to turn herself into the Avatar of the Goddess of the Hunt, the fearsome Cheetah. Now, she seeks only to destroy the woman who committed such sacrilege to her upbringing.

Class Edit


Mission 1.4Edit

Passives Edit

  • Relentless: Immune to Stun, Exhaustion and Cower.
  • Goddess of the Hunt: Follows up with single target attacks against those empowered by Greek Gods. (Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Jay Garrick Earth-2, Shazam, Hermes, Ocean Master, Aquaman, Olympian)
  • Feral Instincts: Places Scented on opponents.
  • Scented: Attacks are guaranteed to hit and crit.

Techniques Edit

  • Claw Rend: Single Target Slashing Melee. Applies Bleeding and Ravaged.
  • Pounce: Single Target Melee. 20% Stun.
  • Claw Swipe: Single Target Slashing Melee. Applies Bleedingx2 and Blind.
  • Godslayer Knife: Single Target Debuff. Applies Cheetah Curse. Target must have three stacks of Bleeding.
  • Cheetah Curse. Target becomes host to a portion of the spirit of the Avatar of the Goddess of the Hunt, gaining Cheetah-like attributes and attacking allies.