John Constantine is first an foremost, a conman. The Englishman has had extensive history and experience with magic abuse, from his youth delving into Demonic Invocations to his closest friend and mentor, Nick Necro, becoming obsessed with the Books of Magic and losing both his love and life. As such he has taken it upon himself to stop dark power from falling into the wrong hands, and will manipulate all those around him with his silver tongued lies to do it. He is leader of Justice League Dark, them being bound to him through the magic of the House of Mystery, and has had Access to A.R.G.U.S.s Black Room hosting a wealth of arcane artefacts. But despite all his spells, experience and tools, his greatest magicks are in his words.

Class Edit


Acquisition Edit

Win [Top Rank Placeholder] in PVP Season 6.

140 JP when made available.

Passives Edit

  • Conman: Chance to give opponents certain passive effects at start of combat.
  • Complacent: Treats any oncoming attack as though it were Stealthy.
  • Furious: High Chance to miss. Increases Damage dealt and received.
  • Enthralled: Protects Constantine from oncoming attacks.
  • Uneasy Alliance: Followups on Constantine's attacks against teammates.
  • Shattered Esteem: Severely lowers damage. Chance to skip turn.
  • Reliance: If Constantine perishes, so does Character.
  • Corrupted: Lessened damage from magic, cannot be mind controlled or possessed by dark entities.
  • Pack a Day: Takes damage every turn.

Techniques Edit

Level One: British Bar Brawling: Single Target 2 Hit Unarmed Melee. Applies Dizzy and Exposed. Punch Drunk.
  • Punch Drunk: Provokes counter attack. Takes reduced damage from counter.
  • Level Two: Silk Cut: All Enemy Target 1 Hit Ranged Magic Debuff. Applies Disoriented and Slowed. Shifted Mortality
  • Shifted Mortality: Transfers Constantine's Pack a Day passive to Opponents.
Level Six: Confiscation: Single Target Magic Ranged Debuff. Stolen Essence. Applies Depower and Weakened. Grants Constantine Mystical Recharge first time used in fight. 3 Round Cooldown. Start Cooled Down.
  • Stolen Essence: All Stats reduced. Stamina Halved.
  • Mystical Recharge: Restores Stamina to Full. Can only use Black Room Trinket.
Level Nine: Parlour Tricks
Black Room Trinket: Single Target Magic. Catastrophic. Deus Ex Machina. Single Use. Must be used on target with Stolen Essence. Kicks like a Mule.
  • Deus Ex Machina: Applies Sudden Death.
Sleight of Hand: Single Target. Quick Action. Subtle. Transfers Target Buffs to Constantine. 2 Round Cooldown. Starts Cooled Down.
Words of Power: All Enemy Target. Unavoidable. Paragon Exploiter. Exploits Cons. Better the Devil you Know. Desperation.
  • Better the Devil you Know: Reduces Allies Health and Stamina by a quarter of their total.